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project presentation

This programme is essentially targeting to contribute tothe improvement of socio-economic conditions of the people from Lemera and Ijwi affected by the successive wars and different events that the country has gone through at different time for the two decades. This situation as destroyed all the local infrastructure and economic tissue and leading towards extreme poverty. More specifically the communities are not able to increase their revenues in order to pay for their balanced food as well as respond effectively to their daily basic needs(education, health, shelter…) women and children being the most affected.

This is why since 2005, UGEAFI, based on a need expressed by the population following their income insecurity, assisted producers in the development of coffee value chain (production, processing, packaging and marketing) for the sole sake of providing them with the means to enable them to ensure their basic needs in a much more sustainable way.


Although multiple efforts have been carried out to bring about the beneficiaries to increase their revenues ; there are still considerable challenges to overcome mainly :

i)The Manual process for the treatment and storage of coffee in proper conditions of coffee leading to poor quality and not responding the international requirements and standards, ii) The coffee trees available in Lemera and Ijwi are the coffee trees that was left since the colonial era and are hence old enough to produce coffee beans both in quality and quantity.The quality of the coffee beans produced in the area is normally of good sizei.e. Kivu 4 as required by the market ( see the cupping results from the  Laboratory of London carried out by Twin) but the delay in obtaining the Flo / Organic Certification remains also an obstacle till to dateiii) The coffee treatment and transformation techniques applied by farmers  of Lemera and Ijwi are still traditional and significantly affect directly and  indirectly the quality of their coffees produced at the local level and hence the need to build their capacities in order to produce quality coffees acceptable and responding to standards and norms required by the market.Iv) The coffee marketing of the local coffees produced by the farmers of Lemera and Ijwi remains a major challenge due to lack of outside knowledge and networking opportunities with the regional and international players in the coffee industry. One way of responding to this challenge would be through the attendance of regional and international fares and exhibition.

global objectives

Project objective: Contributing to the improvement of socio-economic livelihoods of populations of Lemera and Idjwi in South Kivu in DR Congo.

Activities realized

The current project which is targeting at the production of coffee in quality and quantitythat responds to regional and international norms and standards will in turn offer a better opportunity to local farmers to access the competitive regional and international markets in order to sell their produce at the best prices for their coffees. This sale will enable them to cover basic needs especially covering the problem related to the balanced food as indicated above, increase the schooling of their children, their health facility with an emphasis on specific needs of women. Also to note is that the coffee planted will also be mixed up with other intercropping elements in their coffee farms such as bananas and beans in order to bring about the food security of households with a considerable positive impact on the environment given the fact that the coffee farms will need organic fertilizers that available in the area(Manure from the cows, gots, ships) with the sole purpose to fertilize the soil.This can be reached thanks to the development of the following activities:

-The establishment of the coffee nurseries coupled with the distribution of intercropping seeds of bananas and beans;

-Capacity building of farmers on the value chain of coffee production;

-Provision of coffee treatment materials(motorized pulpers, Pruning shears and saws);

- Certification process of coffee as well as the marketing through the admission and participation to regional and international networks in order to contact different buyers of coffee;

-Accompaniment of farmers in the production export of coffee to the regional and international markets.

Project outcome

Project goal (Outcome):


A.    Increasing the coffee production in quantity and quality of coffee farmers from Lemera and Idjwi by 2017.

B.    Increase the revenues of the communities thanks to the sale of coffee in quality and quantity at the competitive regional and international markets.

C.   Improve the food security for the local communities of Lemera and Idjwi by providing them with high yielding banana and beans seeds by end of project.

D.   Supporting producers of Lemera and Idjwi in the collegial management of their revenues in their respective households.


During this period we had some problems , among others:

-       The delay of fund transfer did not allow us to carry out certain activities on time, we can mention some of the activities delayed: the purchase and distribution of beans seeds and bananas banan plants. The establishment of coffee nurseries has also been delayed due to lack of labor fees since we had not financial means to carry out this activity;

-  The absence of pulpers in the province and in the subregion;

-  The major problem faced during this period is financial. The amount transferred during the course of this period at a certain point did not cover the activities planned and this caused a delay of some activities.

Concerning the beans and banana seeds , we planned the purchase and distribution of them at the beginning of September , a period corresponding to the growing season in the areas. For the pulpers, we bought them in Kampala and they are already distributed.

Photos des quelques activités réalisées


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